Adoption Application
Please let us know if it is one that is not listed yet. If you have a second choice please also list. (please note- while you may apply for a specific animal, we cannot guarantee that it will result in the adoption of that specific animal.)
If you do not have any experience we offer a course along with Q&A prior to adopting. Goats are not dogs. They require specific food, hoof care, minerals, and veterinarians.
Unless you use holistic medicine, you will need to email me, and let me know why do you choose this, what do you use?
*Goats and farm animals need a specific type of Vet. If you need help finding a Vet we can help with recommendations.
* If renting realize your town, county or the property owner might have restrictions on goats / farm animals. You will have to make sure all or within the requirements. You are Responsible for this.
Remember goats are escape artists and can jump really high.
* What housing are you providing.
*Remember goats are herd animals and do not do well on their own! They will also chew on everything if bored.
We understand things happen, please let us know.
Minimum of 2 references are required.