We also offer Goat “Therapy!”
This is where we go to events and such,
where we bring goats that offer comfort and more.

Do you love goats but have nowhere to keep them?
We do have goat sponsorships available.
Check out our Sponsorship page!
You can sponsor for a single month, rescue a goat or you be a monthly sponsor.
It costs us $50 a month to feed, have minerals, house and medicate them.
Would you like to help us rescue a goat – It costs us around $250 to rescue a single goat.
If you sponsor a goat or help rescue a goat you will get a copy of their biography, a certificate of sponsorship and photo of them.

We are a Registered
Wyoming Non Profit
501 (c) 3

Hi welcome to our page, it is great to have you join us!

Our name tells you a lot about ourselves. J&J is my daughter and I, Jennifer and Janna. Second chance is this is the second chance for many of us including a lot of our animals.  Small holdings we are a little bit different than a farm and a small holding represents a bit of everything.

Here at J&J second chance we find animals in need. We then get them healthy along with vaccinations, medical care and more. Then we rehome or adopt out those that we can. If they can not be rehomed we give them the best and humane life we can. We have many animals that have come to us with medical problems. We try and help them with them with their fear of humans along with the medical issues they come with. Some we are able fix with some basic care and maintenance, others we have to keep as comfortable and see. You can help us with this in this by sponsoring of a goat! This helps us keep rescuing and helping those that can not help themselves.

Our main focus is to rescue, rehab and rehome goats along with education about goats. We have rescued other types of animals. At this time we have Goats of five varieties, Cows, chickens, ducks, geese, dogs, cats and so much more!

We offer classes on Goats! Make sure you contact us for more information

Along with Sponsorship that keeps us going!