Oolong is an all back cat! She runs the house. She was a rescue! Now is an adorable overseer of all.

Oolong and Cammy are from the same litter! 

Cammy or Chamomile

Cammy is a silver tabby. She is a rescue too! She thinks she is a dog sometimes and fetches balls and mice to us.

Her and Oolong came from the same litter! They are such different cats!


Rory is one of our barn cats. He has Manx genes so he was born with a snub tail. He was a rescue!

He now is a mighty mouser and loves his scritches.


Callie is a Tortoise shell calico. She was a rescue. She is also one of our barn cats!

She is extremely shy! So if we see her it makes our day. She was abused before we got her, so she does not like fast movements.

Photos coming soon!