We are a Registered, Wyoming Non-Profit 501 (c) 3

We have sponsorship levels, You can Pick your Goat!
1/2 month care $25 – 1 month care $50
Bronze level $100
Silver $250
Gold $500
Platinum $1,000
Diamond $5,000
Ultimate Goat Family $10,000
*Remember we are a Registered Wyoming Nonprofit and our 501-c-3 has been filed*
Receipts will be mailed to be used towards your taxes if we have your address.



Would you like a goat but do not have anywhere to keep it!

You can sponsor a goat! You will get monthly updates and more.


Average costs to rescue a goat are $250 – $1,000 the first month? Then they cost an average $50 per goat per month

Often, we have little to no warning of a sick goat coming to the farm/pick-up we have to keep a lot of medications on hand for all the needs of the goats. They cost between $12 to $100+ per med.

  • Our costs to rescue per Goat -$50 – $400+
    • This includes fuel, time, and yes, sometimes I have to pay for the goat!
    • 1 bag of goat minerals – $25 – $75
      • They are normally very deficient in minerals and it can cause a lot of issues
      • By offering them free choice minerals it helps with a lot of problems.
    • Hay – Small bale high quality hay/alfalfa – $10- $30 each
      • We use 600lb bales that cost $280-$400 each and go through 2-3+ bales a week! That is $560 -$1200 a week!
    • Miscellaneous Medication, Veterinarian visits, and vaccines $25 – $350
      • There are severe instances that it can cost $500+ we have had 4 goats that have exceeded that mark so far
      • Hoof care – time and equipment.
        • We trim every 3 weeks for some
        • Normal hoof care is every 4-6 weeks
    • Over all body Care – $25 – $300
      • This includes hair care, open wounds, eye care and more.
      • Medication, lots of time and equipment.

1/2 Month & Month sponsors will receive a Thank you card, update on your goat.
Added to our mailing list.
*Receipt for their donation for their tax purposes*

Bronze level and above will be added to our sponsor page!
Thank you card, update on your goat. Added to our mailing list.
A what is happening on the farm and what we are doing!
*Receipt for their donation for their tax purposes*


Bronze level sponsors $100

Gold Level Sponsor $500
Thompson/Slagle Family

Diamond Levels Sponsorship $5,000

Silver level sponsors $250

Platinum Level Sponsors $1,000
Mr. & Mrs. Neiman

Ultimate Goat Family Sponsor 10,000

Other ways to contact us,
J & J Second Chance Small Holdings
P.O. Box #130
Rock River, WY 82083

407-473-2480 – C

Donation Form
If you would like to remain anonymous please let us know in the comments.
This is so we can send you a thank you note. Along with updates and photos of your sponsored goat!
We will send you a secure invoice through, Clover banking system. Along with a receipt for tax purposes.
This way they can say thank you!
Let us know how you would like to appear on our sponsors page if you are a bronze donor or above. Please let us know if you would like to remain anonymous.