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Consider making a lasting impact by sponsoring one of our incredible goats! Your sponsorship contributes to the well-being of not just goats, but a diverse array of rescued animals. Our sanctuary is home to goats of five different varieties, cows, chickens, ducks, geese, dogs, cats, and many more lovable creatures. By sponsoring a goat, you actively support our efforts to provide these animals with a second chance at a fulfilling life. Your contribution helps cover essential expenses, including food, veterinary care, and a loving environment for our diverse animal family. Join us in creating a haven for these animals, ensuring they receive the care and attention they need. Contact us to learn more about our sponsorship programs and how you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of these cherished beings. Together, let’s build a brighter future for our rescued friends! Check out our Patreon Page for more about our levels –

Click the Link Below a list of food Items that is needed at the Rescue!
Food types needed
Click the Link Below for a list of medications that is needed at the Rescue!
Medication needed

Bronze level and above will be added to our sponsor page!
Thank you card, update on your goat, you will be added to our mailing list.
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We are a Registered, Wyoming Non-Profit
Federally Recognized 501 (c) 3
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If You would like instead of receiving things in the mail for your monthly sponsorship.
We can Text or Email you random Happy videos just for you!
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Average costs to rescue a goat are $250 – $1,000 the first month.
When they are stable they cost an average $50 – $100 per goat per month.

Often, we have little to no warning of a sick goat coming to the farm/pick-up we have to keep a lot of medications on hand for all the needs of the goats.
They cost between $12 to $100+ per med.

  • Over all body Care – $25 – $300
    • This includes hair care, open wounds, eye care and more.
    • Medication, lots of time and equipment.
  • Our costs to rescue per Goat -$50 – $400+
    • This includes fuel, time, and yes, sometimes I have to pay for the goat!
  • 1 bag of goat minerals – $25 – $75
    • They are normally very deficient in minerals and it can cause a lot of issues
    • By offering them free choice minerals it helps with a lot of problems.
  • Miscellaneous Medication, Veterinarian visits, and vaccines $25 – $350
    • There are severe instances that it can cost $1000+ we have had 4 goats that have exceeded that mark so far!
  • Hay – Small bale high quality hay/alfalfa – $10- $30 each
    • We use 600lb bales that cost $350-$450 each and go through 2-3+ bales a week! That is $700 -$1350 a week!
  • Hoof care – time and equipment.
    • We trim every 3 weeks for some
    • Normal hoof care is every 4-6 weeks

1/2 Month $25 & Full Month $50 sponsors one time or reoccurring will receive a Thank you card, update on your goat for each month that you sponsor a goat.
You will be added to our mailing list.

Bronze level sponsors $100
Mr. & Mrs. Wolfe
Albany County Library

Addison, Regan and Theron’s Lemonade Stand ❤️ 

Gold Level Sponsor $500
Saratoga Community
Holly Dennis

Ruby Level Sponsors $2,500
Mrs. Sondergard
Mrs. Ely

Diamond Levels Sponsorship $7,500

Silver level sponsors $250

Platinum Level Sponsors $1,000
Mr. & Mrs. Neiman
Thompson/Slagle Family
Sinclair Community

Emerald Levels Sponsorship $5,000

Ultimate Goat Family Sponsor 10,000

Would you like a goat but do not have anywhere to keep it!
You can sponsor a goat! You will get monthly updates and more.

Did you know that the goats love gifts!
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Other ways to contact us,
J & J Second Chance Small Holdings
P.O. Box #130
Rock River, WY 82083
407-473-2480 – C