Community Outreach

Community Outreach

At J & J Second Chance Small Holdings we work with our community as often as we can.  We work with Schools, Veterans centers, Outreach centers, Hospitals and more. We offer what is called “Goat Therapy.” This is a cross of cat, dog and horse therapy. Individuals get to brush, pet, read to, hold and talk to the goats, we do this at our home and at what we call events. Events can be any of the following, indoor, outdoor or mobile. Mobile events are where the goats wear diapers and ride in their buggies to see everyone. The goats love to dress to impress and all of the attention they receive from everyone. If you would like for us to come to your event, please If you would like to see where we will be next, please check out our events page. Click Here for a printable flyer 

Our School Program

Here at J & J Second Chance, we help schools with fundraisers, events, and a reward program for their students. Goats offer unconditional love to everyone. We have found that the students love time with the goats. They enjoy learning about the goats and how to care for them along with the incentive to do well in projects to have time with the goats. We do help with fundraising with reduced fees and longer time at the event. 

Goat Reading Program.

We have been working with those that are having a little issue with reading, and those that just want extra practice. We have readers sit with the goats and read to them. Goats do not mind if you read the words slowly, mess up the words or if you even read the right words. They want to help you read by eating the book and listening. We do provide the books (we will always take donations of books) so they do not lose the library books to the goats. These goats love the attention and the readers love the opportunity to pet and love the goats. Click here for the rules of the Goat Reading Program Click here for the PDF of the Goat Reading Program.

Suicide Prevention
Here at J & J we have worked with quite a few individuals to help with suicide prevention. We have found the unconditional love the goats can give really helps them take a breath. They can talk to the goats and they will listen and do not judge them for their thoughts.  Through tough times they are always here to give love. Please contact us via email or 4074732480-c

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Veterans Events

As a veteran I understand how much animals can affect our mental and physical health. Animals give unconditional love and care that we all need in our lives. Often times we either do not have time, we are pushed or are forgotten to take time to breathe. Goat therapy helps us to take that moment to be accepted. We have gone to veteran centers, veteran events, veteran homes and anywhere a veteran that needs the goats.

Hospital/ Medical Center Work

We have taken the goats to medical and clinic centers, they go in dressed to impress, in diapers, boots and in wagons. With them in diapers there is no mess, we also bath the goats prior to the event if indoors. We have done both indoor and outdoor events at wellness center, hospitals and more. The ability of the wagons/ carts allow us to go from room to room or office to office. The amount of joy that the goats can bring to the individuals who are in care and are caregivers is wonderful. There have been many that have told us that “this makes their day.”

Spreading Awareness about Goats

Many do not realize what it takes to take care of goats, there is a lot of misconception when it comes to goats. I do not know how many times we get the comment of “goats need rescuing?” Just like dogs, cats, horses and more, sometimes things happen in their owners lives that they cannot continue the care of their goats. We have also taken in goats that have been abused, are injured, need a little extra care and more. We offer a safe option for their goats to find a new family or a permanent home here at the rescue.


Education and knowledge is so important when it comes to animals. We offer classes from basic to advanced either at our home or a separate location. We have very hands on classes, we also have done classes from individual to full classroom classes. We have taught at preschools thru university classes. We believe education should be shared and would love to come and help your class. Click here for costs of classes estimation.
Click here for more about our classes.