Community Outreach

Community Outreach

At J & J Second Chance Small Holdings, we actively engage with our community, collaborating with schools, veterans centers, outreach centers, hospitals, and more. Our unique offering, known as “Goat Therapy,” combines the comforting aspects of cat, dog, and horse therapy.
-During our sessions, individuals have the opportunity to brush, pet, read to, hold, and engage in conversations with our goats. These therapeutic interactions take place both at our home and during events, which can be hosted indoors, outdoors, or as mobile experiences. In our mobile events, goats wear diapers and ride in buggies to interact with everyone. The goats thoroughly enjoy the attention and love dressing to impress.
-If you’re interested in having us attend your event, please reach out to us at To stay updated on our upcoming locations, check out our events page. Click Here for a printable flyer 

Our School Program

At J & J Second Chance, we actively support schools by assisting with fundraisers, events, and implementing a reward program for students. Goats, known for their unconditional love, have become a source of joy for everyone involved. Through our programs, students relish spending time with the goats, learning about their care, and gaining valuable insights. This experience serves as an incentive for students to excel in projects, earning them precious moments with the goats. Additionally, we extend our support to school fundraisers by offering reduced fees and providing extended time at the events.

Goat Reading Program.

We collaborate with individuals facing challenges in reading, as well as those seeking additional practice. Readers have the unique opportunity to sit with our goats and read aloud to them. The goats are incredibly understanding – they don’t mind if you read slowly, make mistakes, or even read the right words. Their supportive presence involves actively participating by listening and, sometimes, attempting to nibble on the book. To ensure the safety of library books, we provide reading materials for these sessions, always welcoming book donations. The goats thoroughly enjoy the attention, and the readers appreciate the chance to pet and bond with these friendly animals.

Click here for the rules of the Goat Reading Program Click here for the PDF of the Goat Reading Program.

Suicide Prevention
At J & J, we’ve partnered with numerous individuals to provide support for suicide prevention. The unconditional love offered by our goats has proven to be a source of solace, allowing individuals to take a moment to breathe. The goats become compassionate listeners, offering a non-judgmental space for people to express their thoughts during challenging times. We’re here to provide love and support. For further assistance, please reach out to us via email at or call us at 407-473-2480.

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Veterans Events

Being a veteran, I deeply appreciate the impact animals can have on our mental and physical well-being. Animals provide the unconditional love and care that is essential in our lives. Frequently, we find ourselves caught up in the demands of time, pushed beyond our limits, or simply forgotten amidst life’s challenges, neglecting the crucial act of taking a moment to breathe. Goat therapy serves as a valuable opportunity for us to pause and be accepted. We’ve visited veteran centers, attended veteran events, visited veteran homes, and wherever there’s a veteran in need of the comforting presence of our goats.

Hospital/ Medical Center Work

We’ve brought our goats to medical and clinic centers, ensuring they make a stylish entrance in clothes, diapers, boots, and wagons. The use of diapers prevents any mess, and for indoor events, we ensure the goats are bathed beforehand. We’ve organized both indoor and outdoor events at wellness centers, hospitals, and various other locations. The flexibility of wagons and carts allows us to navigate from room to room or office to office. Witnessing the joy the goats bring to both individuals in care and their caregivers is truly heartwarming. Many have expressed that our visits “make their day.”

Spreading Awareness about Goats

Many people underestimate the care required for goats, and there are often misconceptions surrounding their needs. Frequently, we encounter comments like, “Do goats really need rescuing?” Similar to dogs, cats, horses, and other animals, unforeseen circumstances in owners’ lives can lead to the inability to continue caring for their goats. Additionally, we’ve provided refuge for goats that have faced abuse, injury, or require extra attention. Our rescue offers a secure option for these goats to find a new family or a permanent home.


Education and knowledge are crucial aspects when it comes to understanding animals. We provide a range of classes, from basic to advanced levels, either conducted at our home or a designated location. Our classes are highly interactive, offering hands-on experiences. We’ve conducted sessions for individuals as well as entire classrooms, spanning from preschools to university classes. We strongly believe in sharing knowledge, and we’d be delighted to come and assist with your class. Click here for costs of classes estimation.
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