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“Goat therapy is a joy that is a cross of dog, cat and horse therapy.

Animals will listen to the worst that you have done or will do and still love you anyways!”

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Hello, I’m Jennifer, and alongside my daughter Janna, we are the operators of J&J Second Chance Small Holdings. Growing up on a small farm surrounded by diverse animals, I developed a profound connection with them.

After my graduation, I served in the United States Army across various MOS’s and experienced combat in Iraq, where I sustained injuries. Recovering from those challenging experiences has been a journey, and I continue to manage the aftermath. Animals played a pivotal role in my healing process, inspiring me to dedicate myself to their well-being.

Upon retiring from the military, the pull to return to the small farm life that shaped my upbringing was strong. Recognizing the need for second chances, particularly for goats, we realized that our community could benefit from the joy of being around these animals. This realization gave birth to the concept of our small holding, where goats bring a unique and unparalleled joy.

Janna, diagnosed with Autism and panic attacks, finds solace in animals. Whether holding them on challenging days, discussing them with others, or confiding in the goats when overwhelmed, this therapeutic connection has proven beneficial. We’ve observed it to be a valuable form of therapy for anyone facing challenges, as goats offer non-judgmental understanding and unconditional love.

In addition to caring for the animals, we host “Goat Therapy” events for locals seeking joy. This therapy involves the happiness derived from petting, talking to, and holding goats—a blend of the therapeutic qualities found in dogs, cats, and horses. Animals, especially goats, have a unique ability to listen without judgment, making this form of therapy both comforting and uplifting. Furthermore, we actively contribute to helping animals find their forever homes.