Adoption Information

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A Completed Adoption Application is Required

Upon approval of the adoption application. We will arrange for you to meet the goat (or other animal) you are interested in. If all goes well, will finalize the adoption.

All male goats will neutered. Due to goats being rumens, this can cause a medical issue with the rumen (goats have 3 stomachs) so we do not spay the female goats.

The goats will have their first set of vaccinations, disbudding (removal of horns), and socialization.

If you have never had a goat we do offer a goat class so you have an idea of what to expect. Goats have specific dietary needs, veterinarian needs and require grooming care including trimming of hooves.

****  If you are interested in meeting for adoption of any of our goats or other animals you will need to fill out an application first****

Many of our animals have been rescued! So we particularly want to make sure that you are able to care for them.

*Please Note:  Any false information on your application will result in its immediate denial. Even if you are initially approved and the falsehood is uncovered at a later point in the adoption process.*

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Household and Age:

Children under age 6 may have a hard time handling a goat or other small animals properly. Squeezing, poking, and other things may cause animals to scratch or bite in self-defense which could cause injury.   They also jump and rough house play, so if they can get up there, they will jump on it. Proper fencing is a must!

The Application Review Process:

Possible reasons for denial may include, but are not limited to, history of animal cruelty/neglect/abuse, domestic abuse/violence (unless it can be explained), expired vaccinations (unless for age/medical reasons) on current or prior pets.  In addition background checks may be requested.

In submitting this form, the applicant understands that misrepresentation of fact may result in refusal of adoption. The applicant understands that the J & J Second Chance Small Holdings is not responsible for the accuracy of information received about the temperament, habits, or physical condition of the animal available for adoption. J & J Second Chance Small Holdings, is not liable or responsible for any damage, injury, or accident resulting from the placement of this companion animal.

The applicant accepts all responsibilities for the health (including the remainder of vaccinations and post-care of neuter surgery if required), housing, feeding, and companionship/wellbeing of this animal. We are also available if you adopt to help you with any questions.

Printable Adoption form PDF


Adoption Fees – We have two kinds 

The adoption fees we collect contribute significantly to our ability to continue this life-saving effort. Each goat whether they be a pet or working animal. Male goats will neutered; disbudded (we do not cut off the horns if over 4 months,) de-wormed, and vaccinated according to their age, prior to adoption, unless otherwise stated in the file.

1 – Farm Goats – These are great pets, livestock friends and mowers!

2 – Registered or able-to-be-registered goats will be unfixed (unless requested for males) – these are for milking and more. They will come, disbudded (unless they came to us as horned. We do not cut off the horns if over 2 months. They will come with ADGA paperwork (American Dairy Goat Association)


Adoption Fees
Fee’s help us continue to help and rescue goats in need!
Basic Adoption Fee is $250 per goat.