These are the animals that are currently or soon to be available.
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Remember this is a constant work in progress
if you do not see a goat that you have seen in person it could be they have just not been added yet!

At this time we have:
Goats;  farm goats; 1 Nubian wether (2 yrs old)

Our Adoption Fees
Adoption fees allow us to continue rescuing, rehabbing and rehoming!
Fee’s include – Disbudding (unless arrived with horns), vaccines for age of goat, wethering of farm goats.
Wethering / Wethered Goats – is a neutered boy. We do not spay girls as it is a very risky procedure
Farm Goats  – $250



Farm Goats – Ready for Adoption!


I am ready for Adoption!

Hi! My name is Tony. I am a Nubian.  I am a wether (fixed boy goat.). I was born in March of 2021. I am the size of a med/large dog and cam get up to the size of a large dog.

I am a rescue. I am still learning to trust humans. I am getting better everyday. I have the cutest markings. I would make an amazing mower and friend.

Fun Fact – I love graham crackers