Services & Special Occasions

NEW! Farm Visits are available now!

Winter Hours 9am – 3:30 pm
Summer Hours 9am – 5 pm
This is by APPOINTMENT ONLY at this time
We are starting to have the ability to allow individuals and small groups to come to the Farm to meet the rest of the crew who do not get to go to any of our events.
This will be on Tuesdays of most weeks, this is also based on our wonderful Wyoming weather.
We ask for a small donation to those coming out.
While this can be monetary we also accept food and other items as the donation.
If you would like a list or would like to come out.
Want More Information? Contact us.

We offer many other services, including:

– Goat Therapy* – This is just like dog/cat/horse therapy. This is where we bring the goats for you to talk to, brush, tell things to and more. We have had people read to the goats and just tell them what is going on in their life. We try and keep the groups 5-15 individuals *See below

– Personal Goat Therapy* – We do small groups 5 or less and individual sessions with the goats. Whether it is just a bad day, you need some goat love or just need a breather we can be there.

– Organic Goat Mowers*  See Below for more information and pictures. Click Here for our Power Point
o This is where we come and clean up your weeds using goats and the goats leave little fertilizer pellets.
– It has been found that due to the goat’s digestive track that often the weed seeds do not germinate once the goats eat them.
Here is our estimation price sheet PDF

– Educational Classes*
– We can do these classes at our home or we can come to you! *There is a drive fee and a class size requirement. Click Here for PDF of class pricing estimation
– We offer many classes; these are hands on classes. *We do bring goats with us for the hands on parts.
Hoof trimming – we walk you through how to trim and other things to know
Goat 101, Basic – this is an overview of general knowledge on goats
Goat First aid – this class will help you know how to communicate to your vet about concerns and basic first aid
Beginning Milking – hand, machine milking
Breeding – Breeding, Pregnancy, Birth and Medical concerns
What do I do with the milk? – Basic Farmers Cheese, Butter and more
PDF on classes here

– Events*  See Below for the different types and more descriptions. We do both open and closed events. If you would like a description of our setup please check out our How we set up Flyer
We do Birthday Parties – We will set up indoor or outdoor, we will dress them up to follow your theme for your party! PDF of Event Pricing estimation
Company Events and Conventions – We are able to set up both indoors and outdoors. It is a break for your members that are there during your event
Private Events – Weddings – Individual – Small groups – Large groups (Rate is based on how many people are expected)
o Relaxation Groups – This is quiet time with the goats, Zen time, Yoga and more!
Mobile Events – Great for buildings, medical centers and more. The Goats have buggies they ride in and of course they are dressed up and in diapers.
BYOB Parents/Adults Day away – This is a “No Kids allowed” for parents/adults only!

– We have – Rent – a – Buck*
Contact us for more information – This is a guaranteed breeding.
We have specials for 4-H and FFA members along with multiple breeding’s
o We keep the smelly bucks so you don’t have to!
– 2 ADGA Registered – $110 (This comes with a breeding report and forms)
2 Nubian ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association registered bucks)
– 1 Registered Fainting Buck $110
– 1 Unregistered Fainting Buck $75
– 4 Unregistered – Farm Nigerian Dwarf Bucks Goats, $75
– If you do not want to register than all bucks are $75 each breeding.

*There is a minimum donation, feel free to contribute more. All donations go back to the animals.*
Please contact us for more information

Goat Mowers


Organic Goat Mowers – Click here for our Power Point

Price are determined by area and how fast we want it done – $100 for 4 goats, the first Two (2) hours, $50 each additional Two (2) hour block, or each additional 2 goats is $50.  Beyond 50 miles from Rock River, WY will incur a additional travel fee.

Did you know that we offer goat mowers? Four (4) goats can clear 25-40 sq. feet in approximately Two(2) hours. We transport our goats out to your yard or field and they clean up your weeds. Then they leave you lovely fertilizer pellets that will help your grass grow. This is a commercial-chemical-free and a sustainable “green” process. The natural digestive action of goats stops eaten weed seeds from sprouting.

Plus, you get to have personal goat time. We will dress them up if requested! Make sure you have your camera and take lots of pictures. We will also bring along any babies that we have inhouse at the moment. We can set up temporary hotwire fencing to keep the goats contained if your area is not enclosed. We do stay to supervise the goats during the time we are there. The goats go home happy and your yard will thank you!

Did you know that the goats love gifts!
Do you want to Send them stuff?
We will open it on our TikTok page!
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