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J & J Second Chance Small Holdings
P.O. Box #130
Rock River, WY 82083
307-399-7407 Office
407-473-2480 Jennifer’s cell please text

I hold a profound appreciation for the positive impact animals can have on our mental and physical well-being. Animals offer the essential elements of unconditional love and care in our lives. Often, we become entangled in the demands of time, pushed to our limits, or overlooked amid life’s challenges, neglecting the vital act of taking a moment to breathe. Goat therapy emerges as a valuable opportunity for us to pause, reflect, and feel accepted. We’ve extended our presence to veteran centers, participated in veteran events, visited veteran homes, and wherever a veteran requires the comforting companionship our goats provide.

If you would like to help us out become a Volunteer. We are always looking for help at the farm, or at events, please let us know.
We are also always looking for photographers and individuals that can help us work on grants and more.

We are a registered
Wyoming Not-for- Profit
501 (c) 3

If you would like to take one of our classes let us know!

We offer classes on:
Hoof trimming, Goat First aid, Goat 101 – and so more!
Here is the PDF classes costs estimation

Would you like a goat, but do not have room;
You can sponsor a goat!
For a donation of $50 a month you can choose the goat you will help. You will also receive updates on your goat of choice every month you sponsorship.

Click below if you would like to Name a Goat!
Name a Goat!

Please contact us via e-mail if you would like us to come to your event or for
“Goat Therapy.”

Adoption Question
Here is the
Adoption PDF 
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completely in order
to be considered.

Did you know that the goats love gifts!
Do you want to Send them stuff?
We will open it on our TikTok page!
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We also do Goat Mowers, Birthday parties, Goat Yoga, Education, Rent-a-Buck, and more. jjsecondchancesmallholdings@gmail.com