Volunteer Opportunities

Farm Work Days for Groups or Individuals!
We need Your Help here at the Rescue.

Would you or your group like to come out and volunteer at the Rescue!
We will be posting on our calendar Farm Work Day’s that you can come out and help.
Your help is really needed.
The animals that come to us need attention from you.
They need to know that Humans are not all bad.
We also need help around the Rescue so we can continue helping those in need.
If you would like to come out please contact us for dates and times.

Do you need Volunteer hours?
As a Registered Non-profit 501-c-3, we can provide paperwork for your hours worked.
Here is a PDF of the list of needed volunteers.

Are you good at Building?
Goat Stands (For milking, working on hoofs, and training). These help keep the goats safe while working on them.
New goat sheds (We are always looking for housing, sheds and more). We also need help repainting and fixing current structures.
Playpens (toys, climbing walls, jump off points, mini picnic tables, and more). Goats love Jungle Gyms!!!
Raised Beds (we want to grow lettuce and other veggies to feed to the goats).

Would you like to help out at our booth?
Set-up/Breakdown (This is normally 1-1.5 hours before or after the event). If you just have 30 min to donate, we would love the help!
During events we could use help talking to people/ work with the goats. You can help us with the animals at the events, such as hands on work. You can choose your shifts, so it can be as little as 30 min to the entirety of the event. You do not have to be there for the entire event. There are a lot of things we could use assistance for, so please feel free to get ahold of our rescue.

Contact us via e-mail jjsecondchancesmallholdings@gmail.com

Are you looking for Volunteer opportunities?
We keep track of all hours on our
volunteer sheets.

Are you good on the Computer?
Website work (I am not computer handy, lol).
FSA Grant writing / other Grant Writing (this helps us keep going, and rescuing more).

Are you good with a camera?
Photos (we always need updated ones).
Events (At events we need photos to post online).
Projects (we are looking to do stickers, shirts, postcards and more) we need help editing photos for these!

Help out at the Farm? We will have a lot of opportunities starting in Summer 2024
Work with the Goats (love, handling, talking to and more).
Clean up (we need help cleaning paddocks, barn and all over).
Socialization (they need to be held, loved on, dressed and more).
Help with Classes (we teach classes and always need help).
More hands on work, there is always something to do on a farm!

Did you know that the goats love gifts!
Do you want to Send them stuff?
We will open it on our TikTok page!
Click Here to go to our TikTok