Hello Everyone,

We are looking for events for over the winter, this includes the end of October, November, December. Along with starting to book for the new year January, February, and March. If you have a party or event get it to us as soon as possible so we can fit you in.

This is also the time that we start our Goat classes.
We like to have small classes (3-5) as it is very hands on. So it is first come first serve!
We can offer other days for classes if the ones we have do not work!
Goat 101, Basic Goat First Aid, Hoof and skin care
If you would like to come to our classes let us know, they fill up fast!

There is a recommended Donation to help us keep these classes going!
$20 per 16+
$10 per 15 and under

Contact us at – jjsecondchancesmallholdings@gmail.com