• Did you know that before and after events we still do chores around the farm?
    When we do events we often do Morning Chores 1 1/2 to 2 hours,
    Then we pack up and load up and that takes about 30min to 1 hour,
    Then we drive to the event 1-2+ hours,
    Set up takes between 30min to 2 hours,
    Then we have our event for its timeline….
    Tear down takes 30min to 2 hours,
    Drive home 1-2+ hours,
    Then we unload it takes 30min to 1 hour,
    Then we do night chores of 1-2 hours.
    This is why we need work days!!!!!

These workdays help us keep things up and the animals healthy.  There is so much to catch up on the farm every day that we have to work for many hours at the farm.

Today we are working on reset of everything from the trailer to so much more. We can not do it all alone, so we need help getting ready for the winter. We need to reset and move fencing an so much more. We need to correct the water troughs and move things around prior to snow coming. There is a lot of clean up to be done, Things that you can do! We also need help getting the new goat house in our back yard up and running! We need some help painting some new goat houses. There is some very heavy items that we need help with and some building that we can use your help with.

If you would like to help out at the farm please let us know! You will have sign a liability waiver! .If you would like to help please contact me! jjsecondchancesmallholdings@gmail.com