Attitude – SM Puzzle 120 piece


Attitude – Puzzle 120 piece – I don’t need your attitude I brought my own

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Imagine a captivating scene captured in a 120-piece puzzle featuring a majestic Highland cow, its shaggy black and white fur creating a striking contrast. The puzzle pieces intricately showcase the details of the cow’s distinctive long horns, soulful eyes, and rugged charm against a scenic backdrop. They do have a little glitter in the sunshine!

Complementing this visually stunning puzzle is a slogan that adds a touch of humor and personality: “I don’t need your attitude, I brought my own.” This witty statement perfectly aligns with the independent and resilient nature often associated with Highland cows. As you piece together this delightful puzzle, the image of the proud cow and the accompanying slogan create a whimsical and entertaining experience, making it not just a puzzle but a piece of art that reflects a bit of bovine attitude.

*Note – These are hand pressed so slight variances can happen*

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