Butthead – SM Puzzle 120 piece


Butthead – Puzzle 120 piece – Don’t be a Butthead, Be Kind!

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Embark on a puzzling adventure with a captivating 120-piece puzzle featuring the charismatic Miniature Fainting Buck. The intricate details of its gracefully curved horns and distinctive markings come to life as you assemble each piece. The puzzle captures the endearing essence of this unique breed, known for its charming presence and the amusing trait of fainting when startled. These do have glittering effect in the sun.

Accompanying this delightful image is a slogan that adds a touch of humor and encourages kindness: “Don’t Be a Butthead – Be Kind.” The playful juxtaposition of the slogan with the image of the Miniature Fainting Buck invites a smile and promotes a positive message. As you piece together this engaging puzzle, the combination of the buck’s character and the witty slogan transforms it into more than just a puzzle—it becomes a lighthearted reminder to approach life with kindness and a sense of humor.

*Note – Each is hand pressed so slight variances can occur!

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