Goat Therapy – SM Puzzle 120 piece


Goat Therapy – Puzzle 120 piece – Goat Therapy is the Best!

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Picture yourself assembling a charming 120-piece puzzle featuring the endearing Nigerian Dwarf Goat, its petite stature and playful demeanor captured in vibrant detail. The puzzle pieces artfully showcase the goat’s expressive eyes, strait ears, and delightful personality against a backdrop that highlights the playful essence of these lovable creatures. This does show glitter in the sun light.

Adding a touch of humor and positivity to the puzzle is the slogan “Goat Therapy is the Best.” This catchy phrase not only celebrates the delightful presence of Nigerian Dwarf Goats but also playfully suggests that spending time with these adorable creatures can be a source of joy and relaxation. As you piece together this delightful puzzle, the image of the Nigerian Dwarf Goat and the spirited slogan create a lighthearted and therapeutic experience, making it more than just a puzzle—it’s a celebration of the therapeutic joy these charming animals bring.

*Note – Each is hand pressed so slight variances can occur!

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